A new book for 2013

In November 2012 I wrote another book in National Novel Writers' Month. Over the next few months I edited it and did the layout and design. Despite the lack of a formal launch, the book is now available and you can buy it. Here's a glimpse:


To the bush and back to business

This book is my delving into why I left Sydney and lived for 20 years in the hills, and what I think now that I am back in the big city. Click to find out more, and to purchase...

Bush and business book

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Current work

Glenn is back in full-time work, as a Learning Designer at UWS College, which is part of the University of Western Sydney.

I am producing online learning courses for students in engineering. It's fun. Necessarily it has slowed down the flow of my own books.

I am also facilitating online courses on human resources subjects for Jansen Newman Institute. And it's good to be interacting with students.

And I am working on a new online knowledge resource on talent management for organisations that want to look at their capability both wisely and intelligently.

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Ideas and stories

Our plans are clean and orderly, and our ideals may glisten, but our feet still have to walk the earth.

My books

I spent 18 months writing my first book on ethics: Human Values and Ethics in the Workplace. It summed up my perspective on ethics, namely, that people develop through different world views, so at one end of the spectrum people resist ethics and only acknowledge laws and rules (if they have to). At the other end of the spectrum people embrace ethics and see the world as a place where their role is to foster fairness, love and growth.

My purpose in the book was to present a point of view that I hope people will find useful.

My next book turned out to be a story, one based on real events in my life. It was a period of time when I was the leader of an organisation, and it was about my endeavour to operate ethically as a leader when I was faced with a political agenda aimed at making the organisation, and me, fail. That book was The Ten Thousand Things.

So I have two streams of books — one that explains ideas, and another that tells stories. Well, if only it was that simple! In reality, the stories infiltrate into the philosophical books, and the ideas flow into the stories. I wrote a second story that looked at ethics in leadership, delving into another experience I had in a community-based organisation. The book was called Sustenance.

I can't stop the stories and the philosophy from intermingling. I think Robert Pirsig went down the same road in Zen and the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance. In November 2011 I wrote another book that more openly pours everything into the same pot - stories, themes, ideas and life questions. In this book I ventured a step further and included poetry and some short stories I had written years ago.

This book is called To the bush and back to business (published in 2012). Look at the Books pages to find out more.

All my books are self-published (G.P. Martin Publishing). Why? Because I like to retain control of my words and ideas, and the design of the books. I am responsible, in the same way that an artist is responsible for her/his pictures.

Visit the other pages of this website and you will find out about all my books, as well as articles I have written on various topics, such as human resource management, employment law, training and development, coaching and mentoring.


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Local issues

November 2016: Hornsby Shire Council has a proposal to "develop" 240 hectares of bush for housing? Who would win? This is my letter of objection.



The kookaburra and I had a conversation. I spoke in a strange voice, but it was me: deeper, elemental.


Blog: Glenn the Pen

I have started a new blog called "Glenn the Pen", a nickname I remember from schooldays. I decided on the name because I may write about many different subjects and this name allows me to do that.

The first article on the blog was prompted by my thinking about today's obsession with goal-setting. Yes, all very good to focus on goals and work towards their fulfilment, but in many instances this becomes an obsession with reducing everything to one, single goal.

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