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Spirituality and I Ching

Spirituality and business

Can you talk about spirituality and business in the same sentence? More people are doing so. Not surprisingly, people have many different concepts about what spirituality means, and what part it ought to play in business activities.

The Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management attempted to express what spirituality refers to, in the editorial of the 2010 issue: “It often presents as the ‘something more’ that is needed by organisations and by leadership; to make a difference; to consider the connectedness of people, community and environment; to appreciate the underlying, the not-yet known, the not-yet seen. For one organisation it may be about ethics and values, for another it is the humanness of the individuals, for another it is the oneness of all things.”

Spirituality can be seen as an extension of moral values and corporate social responsibility. For many of the organisations that admit the idea of spirituality, it is about having deep respect for the individual people who work for them, and seeing customers as fellow humans. It can be about recognising our mutual dependence on the health of the planet. And it can move organisations in the direction of being a "good citizen" of society, and giving something back to their communities.

The I Ching

Since writing my novel, The Ten Thousand Things, I have become more public about the value of the I Ching as a guide and source of wisdom, just as much applicable to people in their work lives as in their personal lives. It puts our actions and our motivations into the framework of a universal, cosmic perspective and allows us to see the inner dynamics of situations.

See an article that gives a background on the I Ching and discusses how to use it: Approaching the I Ching.



The inaugural Wisdom in Management Conference was held at Australian National University, Canberra, in July 2010. I spoke on the topic, "Leading with the I Ching". In the session, I discussed my experiences as the leader of an organisation, using the I Ching as a wise companion, the story told in The Ten Thousand Things.

The paper is available here: Book of Changes

Slides from the presentation: Martin_Wisdom_in_Management

Article: The business end of dreaming

I had an article published in Living Now's magazine, Dare to Dream. It was about how to move towards creating your livelihood from work that you love. You can download the article here.

This article was prompted by my thinking about today's obsession with goal-setting. Yes, all very good to focus on goals and work towards their fulfilment, but in many instances this becomes an obsession with reducing everything to one, single goal. Read the article


Spirituality, Leadership and Management

This organisation runs regular events in Sydney, and a conference every 1-2 years, and publishes a journal. Website:



Bubna-Litic, D. (ed.) (2009) Spirituality and Corporate Social Responsibility: Interpenetrating worlds, Aldershot UK: Gower.

Conference proceedings for Spirituality, Leadership and Management conferences can be purchased at my Author Spotlight page or from ("Publications").