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Is it possible to live with integrity and joy, with ethics and creativity?

Dive into Glenn's books and discover that ethics and integrity are a liberating force, not a burden. Enjoy the stories and read the ideas that can give you the foundation for living a worthwhile, fulfilling life. Develop your leadership qualities, grounded in trustworthiness and the ability to inspire others.

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Let's talk about ethics and leadership

Glenn is currently doing research (June to November 2012) for a PhD, and he would like to talk to practising managers based in Sydney, NSW about their experience of ethics:

I am interested in how ethics arises in your role as manager, what tensions may exist, and what ethical thinking guides your decisions. I am interested in where your ethical views come from, and I would like to hear the story of an ethical episode that significantly affected your stance towards ethics (it could be a ‘good’ experience or a ‘bad’ one).

To find out more about the project, see Research at the Ethics and Values in Business website.