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love and armour

Love and Armour

Paperback, 111 pages, A5 format. Published by G.P. Martin Publishing, 2007.
ISBN 978 0 9804045 2 4

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In a few words.....

This is Glenn's second collection of poems, along with personal stories that explore the circumstances that gave rise to the poems.

The author talks about the book.....

This collection of poems lay in a box for many years, in a folder next to the Flames in the open collection. After I produced that first book, I was tuned into the idea of what was happening at the time each poem was written. For this collection I wrote a story to accompany every poem, and I released the two books at the same time.

I like the idea of context, the idea that a poem comes out of a specific set of circumstances. That gives them an added dimension of meaning, for me anyway. Having said that, I would also want to assure readers that the stories are not about trying to interpret the poems. That's not my business.

The two poetry books were launched at a Book Fair in Leichhardt in November 2007, where I also launched the first edition of Human Values and Ethics in the Workplace. I managed to gather a lovely assortment of family, friends and professional colleagues to the occasion. It was my "coming out" party as an author. A happy day.

There are more poems. The box is refilling. I will get to producing another collection one day. But in the meantime I have done something else. In the book I am releasing in 2012, I include quite a number of my poems and short stories, in the cause of explaining my journey, summed up in the title of the book: To the Bush and Back to Business.

From the back page:

There are many episodes that make up a life — traumas, victories and kindnesses. And the words about those episodes provide an accompaniment, they throw light and small harnesses around the wildness. Love and armour is the interplay between experiences and the words that tried to accord those experiences respect. It contains poems and the stories that tell what was happening when the poems were written.

Spanning 20 years of life in the city and in the country. Relationships that worked, if but for a time, and relationships that were never going to work. Spanning the movement from suburban frustration to revolutionary zeal, and back again to a point of deemed balance. There are worldly battles and failures at close quarters. Harshness and its counter-point, the spaces where harshness would not intrude. Hope and fantasy, and striving for solid ground. No matter the cruel sky, watch the slow burn of irrepressible light.