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Around 2005, I decided to do what I had wanted to do when I was a teenager, i.e. write my own books. (It's probably better that I didn't start then.) So here we are in 2012, and there are all these books I have written.

Not that I'm finished - what's here is a small part of what the final picture will be. There's a lot that I haven't said, and a lot of things I could perhaps say better. (And I will.)

I'd love you to buy my books, and enter into the spirit of what I'm saying. Click on the book covers to find out more about each book.

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Some of my books are available through Magically, they print them and send them to you. See my Author Spotlight page. (You can also purchase conference proceedings from the Spirituality, Leadership and Management conferences there.)

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My books are published through G.P. Martin Publishing.

Adventures in Manifesting is published by Älska Publishing.

See my Articles pages for other material - handbooks, online courses, papers and articles I have had published.


10000 things
little book of ethics

The Big Story Falls Apart

ethics book
Flames in the open Love & Armour Adventures in Manifesting  
Flames in the open (poetry collection) Love and Armour (poetry collection) Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness (Anthology with chapter by Glenn)  

Other books and publications

I was editor of CCH Australia's book, Australian Master Human Resources Guide for a while, and had the opportunity to restructure the book. I contributed several chapters to the book, as well as the Introduction. I think it's a very sound handbook for HR practitioners, with solid chapters on the legal, strategic and practical aspects of human resource management. Baker & McKenzie solicitors and Macquarie Graduate School of Management contributed many chapters.

November 2013 UPDATE: New Edition!


Australian Master Human Resources Guide

Published by CCH Australia (latest edition, November 2013)




I have been the editor and chief writer for CCH Australia's looseleaf guide, Managing Training & Development, for 14 years, since 1998. This publication of around 1,600 pages covers every aspect of training and development in organisations — design, development delivery and evaluation of training programs, employee development, organisational development, legal issues, vocational training and qualifications in Australia and New Zealand, and management of learning and development strategy.

managing training and development

Managing Training and Development

Subscription publication, CCH Australia, updated four times a year


Before I started writing about my own ideas and experiences, and when I was living in a country town in northern New South Wales - Kyogle - I wrote two books on local history.

Places in the Bush

Kyogle Public School book

Places in the Bush: A history of the Kyogle Shire

Paperback, 96 pages, A4 format. Published by Kyogle Shire Council. Released 1988.

ISBN 0 7316 4625 8

I have a few copies left. Contact me at

The Kyogle Public School Book: From New Park to 1995

Paperback, 98 pages, A4 format. Published by Kyogle Public School Centenary Committee. Released 1995.

ISBN 0 646 23666 0

Contact Kyogle Public School for copies.