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10000 Things

The Ten Thousand Things: A story of the lived experience of the I Ching

Paperback, 227 pages, A5 format. Published by G.P. Martin. Released August 2010.
ISBN 978 0 9804045 3 1

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Purchasers outside Australia can purchase through Lulu.



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Flyer for the novel.

Book launch

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The official launch for the novel was on Sunday 8 August 2010 at Gleebooks in Sydney. The launch was a very enjoyable experience for me, and around 60 people came. Thank you, all.

Thank you to the speakers:

for your thoughtful and supportive words, and to Gleebooks for hosting the event.

I talked about the central story in the novel - my time as the manager of a disability services organisation, what I encountered (e.g. the arrest of the president in my first week on the job, for having embezzled all of the organisation's funds), and how I sought to lead competently and ethically over the next six years.

And I talked about the I Ching, and its message that life is best lived with joy and correctness. And how I learned, through some rugged experiences at this organisation, that when there seems to be no cause for joy at all, there is still joy in correctness (when you act ethically and with integrity).


There is a set of photos of people at the book launch, courtesy of Jeff Muir. You can view them at